is the best protection of products made from iron and its alloys against corrosion. Hot-dip galvanizing is the coating of steel with a zinc layer resistant to mechanical damage. During this process, steel products are submerged in a liquid zinc bath after they have been suitably prepared by degreasing, pickling and fluxing.

During galvanizing, an alloy of iron and zinc is formed at their interface, producing a durable coating resistant to environmental factors and mechanical damage. The ally of iron with zinc protects the product against corrosion even after it is damaged. Zinc coating is environmentally neutral, and it may be used under any conditions other than acidic and strongly alkaline.

„DUPLEX” – the best protection method

Duplex – state-of-the-art corrosion protection system used by our company. It is a combination of the anti-corrosive action of the zinc coating with the decorative values of paint coating. The period of effective corrosion protection provided by this system is on average twice as long as the combined lifecycles of the zinc coating and paint coating.


  • Crane capacity – up to 10 t
  • Cutting-edge galvanizing furnace
  • Fully automatic process line
  • Thorough degreasing of the material
  • Acrylic passivation
  • Production capacity of 220 t/day
  • Galvanizing kettle dimensionsu

Galvanizing kettle dimensions

High-temperature falvanizing (spinnig machine)

  • Crane lifting capacity up to 4 tonnes
  • Modern dual-purpose galvanizing line
  • Galvanizing of small elements in drums on automatic line including spinning
  • Galvanizing by the traditional method on hangers and traverses with the possibility of using highertemperatures of the zinc bath
  • Temperatures range 450-500 °C
  • Acrylic passivation

Dimensions of the kettle:

  • 4000 mm (length)
  • 1600 mm (width)
  • 2200 mm (depth)


The guarantee period depends on the corrosivity of the environment in which the structure is to be stored, erected and used, as indicated in the table below:

Corrosivity category and corrosion risk in accordance with PN-EN ISO 12944-2
Corrosion risk Corrosivity category Guarantee period
Very low corrosivity C1 7 years
Low corrosivity C2 7 years
Medium corrosivity C3 6 years
High corrosivity C4 4 years
Very high corrosivitye C5-I 3 years
Very high corrosivity C5-M 2 years

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