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The METALTECH Group (Ciechanów, Czosnów and Płońsk Plants) has been in the metal industry since 1981.
We are a metalworking company, and we also weld structures, fabricate pieces and end products and apply corrosion protection.

The technological and production capabilities of the METALTECH Group are built around cutting-edge numerical control machinery and other metalworking machinery, including the following:

For details, see the  PRODUCTS section below.

The METALTECH Group has been in the metal industry for many years.  We have many years of experience, excellent staff and tremendous technological and production capabilities. We sell our own products and fabricate products customised to your specifications, i.e. assemblies of machinery and equipment, their parts and pieces and end products and parts as follows:

– steel structures of buildings, road and bridge structures and structures for the energy industry
– supporting structures, columns, base frames and platforms with accessories
– parts of agricultural machinery and equipment
– car parking lifts for apartment buildings and public buildings
– accessories for the automotive industry and related industries
– car lifts for repair shops
– equipment for livestock buildings and other dedicated equipment as end products and their parts. 

Our other operations, including the types of products fabricated by the company, depend on the type of metal products required by the market or on the individual specifications of our clients.  .
For details, see the PRODUCTS section below.

QUALITY AND COMPETENCE – this is the motto of our business and the key to the success of all our partners. We hope that our business together will be interesting and beneficial to both sides.  We have been in the metalworking business since 1981.

You will benefit from our long experience, a strong team and tremendous technological and production capabilities for metalworking, welding of civil structures and end products and corrosion protection – hot-dip galvanising and powder coating.

The plants of the METALTECH-PIASECKI Group are located in central Poland: Ciechanów, Czosnów and Płońsk.

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We strive to ensure the highest quality of our products and services to meet your expectations. To do this, we rely on the high awareness of our staff, procedures for continuous monitoring of the processes at working stations and in laboratories and our own qualifications backed up by extensive experience.

We make constant efforts to improve these skills and acquire new licences. That is why the high quality of our products and services has a long-standing reputation among our clients.

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The METALTECH Group has been developing its technological and production capabilities from the very beginning to compete on virtually every market around the globe. We specialise in metal products, including corrosion protection for many branches of industry.

Using our experience, staff and available machinery, we deliver products customised to our clients’ specification, i.e.: pieces, machinery and equipment components and end products and parts. We also sell a number of our own products, found and, most importantly, used all over Europe.

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The client is the ultimate judge of our work. In our relations with our partners, we emphasise cooperation as the way to find the optimum solution.

We understand the diverse needs of our clients.

We care for every stage and detail of our business together.

We provide an efficient, professional management team to ensure top-quality fabrication and service.

Our quality will meet the expectations of every client, and we can deliver products to anywhere in Poland and abroad quickly and on time.

We can successfully face any challenge, and let our work speak for itself.

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The metal industry is very challenging because our clients are very demanding.  We know this, and we make sure that our partners are satisfied with our work and our accomplishments.  Our potential and our services have been described elsewhere.

This link is about something slightly different. We would like to develop a strong bond between us and our partners, and we encourage them to visit this part of our site. This is where we are going to publish latest business information (cooperation with companies, fairs, exhibitions and other events related to our operations) as well as information on social activity, sports or private matters.

This is the place for the latest news and for events unfolding over a slightly longer period.

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