This section is dedicated to our state-of-the-art car parking systems. Our systems can be used for dependent (family) parking (METAPARK Z 2000 and METAPARK ZP 2000) and independent parking without assistance (METAPARK NS 2000 or N 2000). Additional pits must be made in the places of installation in the car park slab to use NS 2000 and N 2000 car parking lifts.

What exactly is a parking platform?

Car parking lifts are designed for two-level car parking – the lift can provide more parking spaces (the number of extra spaces depends on the type of the lift) without increasing the usable floor area of the car park. Applications of car parking lifts include apartment buildings, office buildings and public buildings and, increasingly, also private buildings.

Primary benefits of our solutions:

  • More freedom when designing structures and urban spaces
  • Lower costs and quicker construction of the project (eliminating the need to construct multi-storey car parks)
  • Reducing maintenance costs of car parks with our parking systems
  • High quality of the products ensured by cutting-edge metalworking technologies, proven by many certificates
  • As the manufacturer, we can easily adapt to the existing conditions and offer flexible terms for the delivery and installation of the systems
  • We are the manufacturer of the systems, not a dealer or sales agent
  • We guarantee continuous in-guarantee and out-of-guarantee repair and maintenance services.

Our company’s strengths include certified materials, advanced machinery and equipment and experienced personnel, who guarantee high quality of the services and give advise during the design, installation and maintenance of car parking lifts. We continue to add new systems to our offering and we keep adapting the existing systems to the increasing requirements of our clients.

We are ready to face any challenge anywhere in Poland or Europe.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists, who remain at your disposal.

Contact with the department of parking platforms:


tel.  +48 697 161 166     lub   +48 609 930 051

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