Welcome to our website. We look forward to spending the next few minutes together. We would like to introduce our company – a living organism functioning with you in mind. Here you’ll find the products and services provided by plants affiliated under the METALTECH Group, which can be browsed by following the particular links on the website.

Information which you seek is readily available and easy to locate due to the clear and intuitive layout of the website. Particular pages contain information on the process and production capabilities of particular plants within the scope of metal machining, welding and corrosion protection based on modern equipment and technologies which yield proven results – see /Working processes/

The METALTECH Group /Ciechanów – Czosnów – Płońsk/ has been an active player on the metal industry market since 1981. The Group is able to operate on both the domestic and the foreign markets on account of the experience gained over a number of decades. Certified materials, highly specialised machinery and equipment, experienced crew, professional management as well as good relations with our customers are what sets us apart. An effective and professional team ensures performance and service at the highest level, guaranteeing quality which lives up to your expectations as well as speedy and on time deliveries to every corner of our continent – see / Our products and services / .

We therefore sincerely hope that this website will encourage you to contact us and initiate a mutually beneficial relationship.

The METALTECH Group Management Board

METALTECH- Ciechanów

ul. Niechodzka 13


tel. +48 23 674 15 00 - 15 08

fax +48 23 672 52 15

e-mail: sales@metaltech.pl


ul. Spokojna 29

05-152 CZOSNÓW

tel. +48 22 785 01 10

fax +48 22 785 03 10

e-mail: sales@metaltech.pl


ul. Henry Forda I nr 8

09-100 PŁOŃSK

tel. +48 23 672 15 12

fax +48 23 662 42 97

e-mail: sales@metaltech.pl

METALTECH- Cynkownia Ogniowa

ul. Mleczarska 22


tel. +48 23 674 15 25 - 15 28

fax +48 23 672 49 09

e-mail: cynkownia@metaltech.pl